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Codex:Contributing to Codex

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Once upon a time, there was no really organized documentation for Gallery. It was scattered throughout wikis and FAQ modules on

alindeman eventually got involved in restructuring the documentation (with much help from others) into a form he was familiar with from the PHP documentation called DocBook

DocBook was powerful in that it could be morphed into any format (HTML, PDF, Windows Help, etc...) and it was very structurally sound (being XML). However, maintaining and adding to the documentation was fairly painful, and it was almost impossible for people not familiar with DocBook to add anything.

h0bbel and others found DocBook more costly to maintain than the advantages it gave Gallery. As a result, he organized a move toward MediaWiki. This allows you to contribute directly to our documentation effort, making user and peer review of the documentation a reality.

By visiting this page, we assume you're interested in contributing. While there is still a learning curve, and we expect you to read over our guidelines before diving in, it is much easier to contribute than it was before. As always, we appreciate your interest in helping

First things first, you need to register. Click on the link in the top-right corner that starts with "Create an account..."

Only registered users can edit pages, to prevent totally random joes from messing up the wiki.

Next, there are some things you should be familiar with before contributing to the documentation

  • Guidelines The guidelines explain Codex conventions, including naming conventions, categories, etc...
  • Maintenance The maintenance page explains Codex maintenance, including how to mark pages as incomplete, erroneous, etc...
  • Sign up for the Gallery-Docs maillinglist and introduce yourself.