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Uploading Files to the Codex

This is the upload page for the Gallery Codex, the documentation site for the Gallery project. It's here for you to upload media files to improve the Gallery user and developer documentation.

If you'd like to upload and share your personal images, then we suggest that you try the free Care2 photo hosting site, or if you're willing to pay a small fee, you could host them on one of the Gallery certified web hosts

Because of the amount of spam we get, we're sorry to say that any photos uploaded here that are not part of the Gallery documentation will be deleted without warning!

If you'd like to upload some images as part of the Gallery documentation effort, you need to get the address of the real upload page. To do that, you have to go to the #gallery chatroom on and type in ~url codex-upload. You'll receive the url to the real upload page from an automated user called gallery-bot. It will look like this:

you: ~url codex-upload