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Authors Iain Lea ( Jesse Mullan (


Perl script that recursively adds directories or images to a Gallery installation. Its features include a listing of the albums available in a Gallery, the creation of top-level albums with titles and descriptions, and support for the addition of images and directories to an existing album.


Gallery G1 and G2


Usage: [options] [file(s) | dir(s)]

      -a album  album to be used for uploading image(s) or directory
      -c album  create new album for uploading image(s) or directory
      -C text   caption for image(s)
      -d text   description for new album
      -g url    URL of gallery (default:
      -G [1|2]  gallery version being accessed (default: v1.x)
      -l        list available albums for specified gallery 
      -n        do not verify if album exists before starting upload
      -p pass   password to use to login to gallery
      -q        quiet mode (unless errors are encountered)
      -t text   title for new album (if not specified uses -c value)
      -u user   username to use to login to gallery (default: admin)
      -z        zap caption that is by default derived from filename
      -h        help
      -v        verbose

Usage Example

  -g http://gallery -u admin -p secret123 -a mycars bmw.jpg

upload image bmw.jpg to album mycars

  -g http://gallery -u admin -p secret123 -c xmas /tmp/*

create album xmas and upload images located in /tmp directory