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Gallery1:Configuration Wizard

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The Configuration Wizard helps you initially setup Gallery. It also can be run multiple times, even after initial install, to change certain settings.

This guide will give you a tutorial through the required steps. There are many more configuration parameters you can set, and we may document them all in-depth someday; however, the point of this guide currently is to give you a basic working Gallery that you can "play with" later.

Before you use this guide, be sure you have followed one of the installation guides

The paths and URLs in this guide are examples. Be sure to replace them with the paths and URLs specific to your installation.

  1. Navigate your browser to The first step of the configuration wizard should appear. Be sure to read through any warnings or errors that appear. Warnings appear in yellow; errors in red. Warnings will not jeopardize your Gallery working well, but you may want to read over them anyway. Errors are critical and need to be fixed before you go further. If you had no errors, or you corrected them, click on "Next Step"
  2. The second step of the configuration wizard requires you to input configuration parameters about your Gallery. Required directives are denoted with a red asterisk, and are documented below, listed by the tab they're under.
    • General Settings
      • Admin Password: If this is the first time you are installing Gallery, be sure to fill in a password here. Remember it, as it is the way you initially login to your Gallery!
    • Locations and URLs
      • Album Directory: This path, relative to the server's filesystem, lists where Gallery should store its images and other metadata.
      • Temporary Directory: A directory Gallery uses to store transient files. Usually you can leave this as-is, /tmp on Unix/Linux systems.
      • Gallery URL: The URL to your Gallery. Make sure this is the primary, full URL to where your Gallery is located
      • Albums URL: The URL to your albums directory. It is akin to Album Directory (see above), but this time, you need to provide a URL. Verify its correctness, as all your photos will appear broken if it is incorrect
    • Toolkits / image processing
      • Graphics suite to use: Select NetPBM or ImageMagick here, depending on which one you installed (see Installing an Image Processing Library)
      • Path to NetPBM / Path to ImageMagick: Path to the image processing library described above. If Gallery found an image processing library in a system path (i.e. it is already install system-wide), this path may be filled in for you. If you want to use the system installation, leave this field as-is.
  3. Other options on step 2 can be adjusted to your liking. Go to step 3 by clicking "Next Step" when you're finished.
  4. Step 3 contains defaults for new album properties. Changing a property on step 3 will not affect already created albums
  5. Step 4 checks your configuration for errors. If there are errors, it will instruct you to go back and correct them. If your configuration passes satisfactorily, you can click "Save Config"
  6. Follow the instructions on the resulting page about how to secure and login to your newly installed Gallery
  7. Enjoy!