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Gallery2:Installation on Windows Server 2003 and Apache

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This is just a placeholder for now.

Using Apache

mod rewrite

  • For mod-rewrite to work I had to do the most stuff. But all the alterations are mod-rewrite and Apache specific. They have nothing to do with G2. However, the G2 test told me that Apache Mod-rewrite worked correctly. But when I went into my galleries all URL's were broken. So the test is for this moment not adequate enough on Win32. Things I had to alter in my setup to make url rewriting work:
  • This step I had done already before the G2 test of url-rewriting. After this step the test gave me green light, however it did not work yet. enable the module in httpd.conf by removing the # in front of
LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ 
  • Enable symlinks for the gallery2 dir in httpd.conf. My rather unrestrictive options for that dir are: Options IncludesNOEXEC Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks ExecCGI
  • Add a rewrite log in httpd.conf to see what is happening:

RewriteLog "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/logs/rewrite.log"

  • Restart the Apache service.