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Gallery2:Manual Plugin Installation

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This is the old way to install plugins. In older Gallery versions (2.0 and 2.1 (including 2.1.2)), installing modules and themes is a little more involved.

See Installing Additional Components for the new and easier way to install plugins via Downloadable Plugins.

1. Get the Plugin

You need to download the plugin from the official download page:

2. Put the Plugin into the right folder

Most plugins come as .zip or .tar.gz file. First you need to extract them (e.g. with Winzip). Then you need to copy the plugin folder into the right folder of your Gallery 2 installation.

Example: We install the 'comment' module in this example:

 We have downloaded
 After extracting the file, we have a modules/comment/ folder on our computer
 Now we need to copy the 'comment/' folder into the 'modules/' of our Gallery 2 installation on the server

Note: Themes must be copied into 'themes/' folder of your Gallery 2 installation.

Note: In case you installed Gallery 2 with the Pre-Installer, please see: How can I upload a plugin via FTP when I used the Pre-Installer?

3. Activate the Plugin

  • To activate a module or theme, go to Site Admin -> Plugins and click "install" then "activate" next to the module or theme that you want to activate.

Note: See the above section about Downloadable Plugins in case you're using a Gallery 2.2 or a newer version.