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Bulk Upload Module

Upload a collection of images at once with pre-prepared title, summary, description and keywords.


Adds 'Bulk Upload' tab in Add Items. And provides a file dialog box for adding the path to the file to use.


This module is available via the downloadable plugins interface. Download: via Get more plugins site admin -> plugins; select the 'get more plugins tab' select 'show repository list' check the boxes:

  • Officially Released Gallery Project plugins (recommended)
  • Experimental Gallery Project plugins (cool new features, might be buggy)
  • Community plugins (use at your own risk!)

Click the 'update plugin list'
Install the bulk upload module.
Once activated you can see the new tab in the Add Items dialog.


The photos you want to add must already be uploaded to your web server.
Create a data file containing the title, summary, description and keywords along with the path to each photo, and then enter the path to the text file in the box.

  1. Create a .txt or .xls file with your data.
  2. Sample text and .xls files provided on the modules page for ease of configuration.
  3. Save that file to the server and add the path to that file in the dialog box provided in the modules user interface.
  4. Click Add Items


  • Upload a large number of photos / files at once to your Gallery.
  • Use a tab delimited text (.txt) file or Excel spreadsheet (.xls) file for adding: title, summary, description, keywords & filenames of the items you are adding.
  • Sample text and .xls files provided for ease of configuration.