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Multi Language Module

Displays different (localized) item titles/summaries/descriptions for each language.


Adds support for title/summary/description fields to be define in multiple languages and displayed according to the language preference of each user. Configure additional languages to support in site admin. Edit field values in the MultiLanguage tab of the Edit section for albums or items. Remeber to define fields in default language in the normal General tab and use MultiLanguage tab for additional languages.

You do not need the multilang module just to use Gallery 2 in another language. The multilanguage module can be used to translate the content, your album and image titles, descriptions etc. The built-in G2 translation (which works without the multilang module) translates the menus, the user interface, the welcome / confirmation emails, but G2 can't translate the titles that you entered without the multilanguage module.

Also see: Gallery2:Internationalization