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  • Author: alecmyers
  • Download: via downloadable plugins, in the community repository.

Randomize Once Module

Adds a new option on the album actions menu to an album, where you can re-order the content randomly on a one-time basis.


Adds a new item to the Item Actions list for albums which allows you to randomize the content of the album one time only (The content stays in that order once randomized). It differers from the "random sort order" option in that the randomization occurs once, unlike the random sort order where it randomizes on each visit or page refresh.

The sorting order should be set to "Custom" prior to using this function.

Screen shots

Sidebar action items Dropdown: DropdownActions.png Sidebar action items links: Album Actions.png
Randomize action page: RandomOnceButton.png


This module is available via the downloadable plugins interface. Download: via Get more plugins Once activated you can will see a new tab on the edit album page.