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Gallery2:SoU2008:Upload interface mockup

From Gallery Codex

These interface mockups were created as part of the Season of Usability 2008

You can find an interactive version of the mockup here

Link to the upload feature


  • A link to upload feature should be available from any page within Gallery
  • You don't have to navigate to an album first
  • The link should be prominent so that a new user can find it immediately

Upload Lightbox

Upload 2.png

  • A lightbox since it doesn't make sense to navigate around while you are uploading photos
  • A lightbox allows for more screen space and better concentration on the relevant elements
  • the "change location" button under the album selector could be only shown on mouseover

Upload album-selector.png

Adding metadata

Metadata 2.png

  • improved version of the crrent 'Edit Captions' page. The same interface would be used to edit captions for an existing album.
  • adding metdata happens outside of the lightbox, since it is a somewhat optional step
  • the formatting toolbar: 1. only exists for the description field; 2. is limited to the most important formatting commands (bold, italics, maybe more); 3. only appears when the focus is on the corresponding field
  • more metadata fields (location, date, time, ...) can be revealed by clicking on 'more metadata \/'
  • there is a field to "batch add" tags to all the uploaded photos

Metadata more-batch.png

  • on a general note: the 'save', 'cancel', whatever buttons should not be placed on the left. because humans scan the screen from top-left to bottom-right. i would suggest to put all the buttons either on the right (or if that is a problem with widescreen resolutions) in the middle (as in this screen)