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Configuring Themes

Configuration of the pre-made Gallery themes is a powerful way to customise the way that your gallery looks. This can be easily done through the Gallery administration interfaces.

There are two ways you can configure themes in Gallery:

  • Per-album settings
    • You can configure certain settings on an individual album basis - you can choose whether or not these settings are applied to sub-albums when the album you configure contains other albums.
    • The settings you can configure are:
      • Sort Order - this determines how the items within an album are sorted
      • Thumbnails - you can change the size of thumbnail images shown in an album
      • Resized Images - the different sizes of images available can be configured through this setting
      • Plugin Settings - some plugins offer settings that can be customised on an individual album basis
    • To learn how to configure per-album settings, check the Configuring Per-Album Settings page

  • Global Gallery settings
    • More settings are available to configure that affect your entire Gallery site. These are configured through the Site Admin screen