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  • Author: Ross Shannon
  • Doctype: XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Colorpack compatible: yes
  • Image frame compatible: yes (buggy)
  • SVN File list
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AjaxianAlbum.png Ajaxian album view AjaxianItem.png Ajaxian item view

Ajaxian Theme

A 2005 Google Summer of Code project, Ajaxian is full of the AJAX goodness that its name suggests. The album view combines a user-paced or automatic slide show with a Flickr-like thumbnail selector. Slide show controls literally slide down from the top of the current image. Clicking on an image starts an animated transition which reduces the image's size to make room to display details about the image. Images fade in as the slide show plays. The album and item action select menus are located near the bottom of pages. The site administration and user login links are also located at the bottom of the page.

User Defined Settings

  • Rows and columns per album page
  • Show album owners
  • Show micro navigation thumbnails
  • Blocks to show in the sidebar
  • Blocks to show on album and item pages
  • Item and Photo Frame
  • Color Pack

Known Issues and Bugs

Because of Ajaxian's heavy use of JavaScript and CSS 2 it is semi-compatible with older browsers and exhibits a few minor quirks in the latest browsers. Most, if not all, album frames do not display correctly leaving large gaps at the corners.