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  • Author: Alan Harder modified by floridave
  • Doctype: XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Colorpack compatible: yes
  • Image frame compatible: yes and no
  • zip file
  • no demo at this time

ClassicAlbum.png Classic's album view ClassicItem.png Classic's item view

Classic reflection Theme

After migrating to Gallery 2, Gallery 1 users will appreciate the Classic theme. This theme was created to resemble Gallery 1's stacked thumbnail album layout, but with some JS reflection under the image. The single column provides room to the right for album and photo metadata and a list of an album's sub albums. Classic's banner and menu are identical to Matrix.

User-Defined Settings

Classic is based on the Matrix theme, therefore it resembles Matrix in many ways. Classic presents the same user-defined settings of Matrix with the addition of the following.

  • Show subalbum links
  • Depth of subalbums links (0=no limit)
  • Show subalbums by sort order of each album (affects performance)
  • xxx
  • yyy