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HybridAlbum.png Hybrid album view HybridItem.png Hybrid item view

Hybrid Theme

The Hybrid theme is a unique merging of album, item, and slide show views. Simply click on images to view them full size and click again to return to album view. Subtle buttons provide controls to toggle between album and item views, full-size item view, and display of detailed item information. A play button starts the slide show which dynamically sizes items to fill the browser window.

The sidebar is minimized to the left side of the screen. Clicking the show sidebar button reveals item and album options. Theme display options are readily available at the top of the sidebar allowing visitors to change album and item view options and slide show timing and direction.

User Defined Settings

Hybrid's settings are based on Matrix and add the following:

  • Show text with thumbnails
  • Show dates for albums
  • Show dates with thumbnails
  • Show dates in image view
  • Show album sizes
  • Show view counts
  • Mouseover on thumbnails