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SiriuxAlbum.png Siriux album view SiriuxItem.png Siriux item view

Siriux Theme

Siriux is a clean and subtle theme which directs visual focus to images. On album pages, Siriux does not display individual photo titles, descriptions, or summaries but an albums description is displayed near the bottom of the page. Only the photo title is displayed on individual photo view pages and there are options to display IPTC and EXIF data.

An optional setting uses JavaScript to popup next and previous navigation arrows over images to allow users to move through albums. Rather than setting row and column counts, Siriux simply requires defining the number of images to show per album page and a page width.

User Defined Settings

  • Number of items to show per page
  • Blocks to show on album and photo pages
  • Width of page content in pixels
  • Group sub-albums by year (album must be sorted by date!)
  • Enable prev/next navigation by clicking in the left/right half of the image


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