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TileAlbum.png Tile's album view TileItem.png Tile's item view

Tile Theme

The Tile theme does just what its name suggests—tiles an image. Specifically, Tile provides the means to select a single image to display in full-size interspersed among tile pattern created from the rest of an album's thumbnails. The effect is unique but takes a bit of planning to achieve. To achieve this effect, Tile does not display any photo information next to album thumbnails. Clicking on thumbnails displays item's sized to fit the browser window over the tile pattern.

User Defined Settings

  • Rows and columns
  • Row and column height
  • Set background image
  • Set thumbnail row and column position
  • Blocks to show in the sidebar
  • Color pack

Suggestions for Improvement

Tile is an experimental theme originally created to demonstrate possibilities in Gallery's theme system. If you have an idea on how Tile might be improved in future versions, add it to the list.

  • Create a drag and drop interface to place and order images
  • Provide a background tile offset, perhaps an opacity setting, to set the background image apart from all the rest