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Gallery2:Vision Statement

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Gallery 2 Vision Statement

Gallery 2 (G2) is the next generation category killer of open source photo presentation software. With it, users can quickly and easily publish their media (photos, movies, audio clips, etc.). It is reliable, scalable, flexible, modular, intuitive, localizable, portable and easily customizable.

G2 is reliable at all times. It will never lose your data, ever. It will scale to manage hundreds of thousands of images with little or no degradation in its processing speed. Viewing an album will be just as fast if it contains 10 items or 10000 items. It will be secure from all forms of hacking both by outside users and semi-privileged users. The G2 module API provides a mechanism for developers to add new functionality quickly and easily. These new modules have all the power of existing ones and will integrate seamlessly into the product. The theme system will allow you to present G2 in many different ways to suite your particular needs, from family websites to corporate employee databases to merchant catalogs. G2 will separate out all user-visible content such that it can be readily localized into any language. It will be easy to install and use. Users who browse your G2 will have no problem understanding how to navigate the product and use it effectively. G2 will work on any platform with PHP installed and support a wide range of data processors (e.g., image toolkits) and all popular database solutions.