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Facebook Integration

Wish List

Social Plugins

These ideas are separated into potentially modular groups of ideas. I imagine they could each be separate modules, but I also don't see any reason they couldn't be combined in some way or another.


Single Sign-on

  • Allow logging in to Gallery 3 using your Facebook account.
  • Associate your Gallery 3 account with your Facebook account.

Like Button

Like Button Documentation

  • Facebook Like button on image and album pages.

Activity Feed

Recent Activity Documentation

  • Show a Recent Activity box somewhere in a G3.


Recommendations Documentation

  • Show a Recommendations box somewhere in G3.


Comments Documentation

  • Use Facebook Comments instead of (or in addition to?) built in system.

Live Stream

Live Stream Documentation

  • Use Live Stream to let friends comment in real time.

Upload to Facebook

API Documentation

  • Upload a photo or album to Facebook.
  • Store information about the photo uploaded so G3 can keep track of what has and hasn't been uploaded.
  • Update or delete photos based on what happens in G3. If you delete a photo in G3, you probably want to delete it from Facebook too.

Share on Facebook

API Documentation

  • Share a photo or album on Facebook.