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Note: page is outdated, please refer to instead !

Importing from Gallery 2 to Gallery 3

There's a module for g3 which imports your g2 albums / users / comments.

the process is like this:

  1. backup your g2 (data folder and database)
  2. put g3 on your server, e.g. to a parallel folder to your g2.
  3. install g3
  4. enable the comments module and the g2 import module in g3
  5. run the Build all thumbnails/resizes script under the Maintenance admin option on the g2 installation to ensure all thumbnails are valid.
  6. configure g3's g2 import module and run the import process. If you are running a multi-site installation of g2 you will need to copy over the gallery2 code base (usually in htdocs/gallery2) to a separate sub folder for each of your sites. Then copy over the htdocs/<multi-site>/config.php to its respective gallery2 code base. This should look like several single site installations to the import process. Go through and run the import for each one of the sites and everything should be ok.
  7. rename your g2 folder to something else (e.g. from "gallery" to "gallery_old") - optional
  8. rename your g3 folder to what the g2 folder used to be (e.g. "gallery3" to "gallery") - optional
  9. add the mod_rewrite rules from g3's g2_import module page to your .htaccess file to ensure that the g2 urls continue to work - optional
  10. delete your g2 folder ("gallery_old"), it's no longer needed. you can delete your g2 database as well. (but keep your backups) - optional