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The rWInfo module is intended to replace the default info module provided in Gallery3. It was originally developed by the Gallery Member rWatcher.

Version 1 contains the following modifications:

  • Drop Title and Description (they're displayed elsewhere in the default theme, no reason to show them twice on the same page)
  • Hide the info sidebar for the root album (without title and description there really isn't anything worth displaying here)
  • Display date created for albums only (and continue to display the capture date for everything else)
  • Display tags in the info sidebar (if the tags module is active).
  • Display tags when mousing over the thumbnails (if tags module is active).
  • Display "Movie Info" on movies instead of "Photo Info" like the Gallery Info module does.
  • Use long month instead of short month on the album display.
  • Change Date/Time format to "F j, Y h:i:s a" for photos.


  • Download the rWInfo module from github at rWInfo Module.
  • Extract the module into your gallery install in $GALLERY_ROOT/modules.
  • Login to your G3 install with an admin account and navigate to Admin->Modules.
  • Deactivate the Info module (unselect the checkbox) and activate the rWInfo module.

The rWInfo module should now be installed and you will find the new photo/movie info in any sub-album and photo/movie thumbnails and pages.


The rwInfo module is relatively easy to modify to your individual taste. Here is a description of the files included with the rWInfo module that you may want to modify:

  • helpers/rwinfo_block.php
    • Specifies the main sidebar block title.
    • For example, modify Photo Info or Movie Info title to be Picture Info and Video Details
  • helpers/rwinfo_theme.php
    • Specifies the information found in the thumbnail of a photo or video.
    • For example, you can remove things like Owner and View Count (if they are not of interest)
    • For example, you can add things like the item capture date or other Exif data (if available and Exif Data module is activated)
  • views/rwinfo_block.html.php
    • Specifies the information found underneath the sidebar block title
    • For example, you can remove things like Owner (if they are not applicable)
    • For example, you can modify things like File Name and instead display Photo Title and Description
    • For example, you can add other Exif data to the sidebar (if available and Exif Data module is activated)