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Gallery3:Using Contrib Modules

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Gallery 3 was designed to provide the features that most users want, without being overburdened by providing all features to all users. To allow users with more specialized needs to have the features they really want, we've created a module API that lets you create and plug in your own modules. There are many modules available already for use. You can download and install them into your Gallery 3 to get great new functionality. Note that the contributed modules are not written by the Gallery team and we provide support on an as-is basis.

Modules are stored in our Git version control system on GitHub.

  1. Download the latest set of modules. Individual modules can be downloaded from
  2. Unpack the zip file somewhere. The zip file will have a funny name that ends in a long string of letters and numbers. Don't worry about this.
  3. Copy the modules that you want into your gallery3/modules directory
  4. In your web browser, choose the Admin » Modules menu option and activate your new module
  5. Enjoy your new feature

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