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Suggestion and drafts for upcoming Gallery Digest news stories

  • Project News
With the 2.2.1 release finished, focus has shifted to version 2.3
Roadmap to be finalized soon
Aim for shorter release cycle
Google Summer of Code 2007 selections are being finalized
DP statistics (is it taking off? Are users using it?)
<bharat> in the past month, 9300+ distinct G2s have used DP
<bharat> we're getting on average 500 G2s a day doing some DP activity, and growing slowly
Future of Gallery 1.x
Should there be a 1.6 Release?
  • Mention InformationWeek
  • Netvibes and Google IG Gallery 2 modules:
Google IG:
  • Other development
Tags module: and
  • Linkable "blogosphere" items
  • Misc
Do we know of any "high profile" sites running G1/G2 that's worth mentioning?
zefrank uses G2 "Hello Sports Racers" should be the title. But I think he may be done blogging... -ckdake G1.5 theme -> news story about existing themes and places to draw inspiration -ckdake -> openid guy (newz2000 on IRC0)
Forum threads worth mentioning?
Appliance rebuild is under way with the help of rPath