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Gallery Local

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Gallery Local is a frontend for gallery


The goal of Gallery Local is to extend the functionality of Gallery. Gallery is great, but requires you to be online. Sometimes you want your images on the road and you want to be able to display them to friends and family without connecting to the internet. Gallery Local extends gallery and will cache gallery content thats viewed through Gallery Local for offline use.

Uploading to Gallery has always been a little bit cumbersome. Gallery Local alleviates that issue by allowing an intuitive drag and drop interface. To upload an image to an album, browse to the album, drag the photos you want into the album view, then click on the save to web button.

Gallery has great slideshow functionality, but is lacking a recursive slideshow mode. Gallery Local will allow for such a mode as well as a random slideshow mode.

I love all the images I store in gallery and like to use them as backgrounds on my desktop. Gallery Local has a random view mode that lets you grab a random image with a minimum resolution. If desired, you can click on the set as background button to set that image as your background.

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