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Integration:WPG2 Options - G2 Paths

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This Page Relates to WPG2 Version 3.0

WPG2 Options G2 Paths can be found on the WPG2 Options Menu, via the WPG2 Tab which is located (Generally last) on the Wordpress Top Menu (Dashboard, Write, Manage .....)


Please Note this Screen Has Changed in 3.0.5

As part of the validation process, WPG2 queries Gallery2 for it's file and URL Location. The plugin needs these values to communicate to with Gallery2 and to generate the required navigation links.

  1. Validation Status - WPG2 has (or has not) located Gallery2 at the supplied File and URL Locations and can communicate with Gallery2 using these values.
  2. Manual Paths - Used for the manual adjustment to WPG2 Path Settings (See Manual Path Maintenance below)
    1. Gallery2 URL - URL to Gallery2.
    2. URL to WPG2 Output - URL to the Page that is going to display your Gallery2 Content (Please Note, this value is not modifiable as it is internally set via WPG2 Plugin)
    3. Gallery2 File Path - File Path to find your Gallery2 Installation
    4. Gallery2 Error Redirection - URL to Redirect should Gallery2 be configured to reject your session (Note: This value is the same your Wordpress Home).

If WPG2 cannot locate Gallery2 during the first validation check, you have two options to supply the various paths values (Please See Below)

Automatic Validation

If WPG2 paths are invalid, WPG2 will give you the option to supply a URL value to your Gallery2. To get his value, navigate to your Gallery2 and copy the URL in your browser location bar and paste this value into the Automatic Configuration of WPG2 Embedded Paths field and select Validate.

Should this step fail, which will happen under certain hosting environments then

Manual Path Maintenance

NOTE:Proceed with caution when adjusting these values. Should the WPG2 automatic configuration fail, then you will need to supply either Gallery2 URL and/or the Gallery2 File Paths.

  • Gallery2 URL - This is the URL to your Gallery2. To get this value, navigate to your Gallery2, copy the URL in your browser location bar and paste this value into this field. An example will be
  • Gallery2 File Path - File Path to your Gallery2 Installation, your Hosting Firm may need to provide this value. An Example would be /home/username/public_html/gallery2/

Notes: Gallery2 to WPG2 Relative Path Validate? - [Failure]

If WPG2 validation is failing with Gallery2 to WPG2 Relative Path Validate? - [Failure] and you did not deactivate the WPG2 plugin prior to upgrading from an older release then please deactivate the WPG2 plugin and reactivate it.. If you continue to have problems then the value will be the path from your Gallery2 ROOT directory back to your WPG2 plugin (usually would be something like the examples below). You can maintain this value in the WPG2 Paths tab..

../wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wpg2 ../wp-content/plugins/wpg2 ../blog/wp-content/plugins/wpg2