Meeting Notes: Apr 20 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Apr 20 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

  • Gallery 2.1.1 / G2 Preinstaller
    • Have released!
  • Gallery 2.2
    • Made a couple roadmap updates; plan to finalize it and publish next Thursday
  • G2 Usability
    • Katrina continues to add feedback on codex
    • Need to keep up with integrating these ideas; hopefully valiant will be point person for usability updates in 2.2 (not present at mtg)
  • Gallery Foundation
    • schultmc has posted draft bylaws: Gallery Software Foundation Bylaws (deleted)
    • bharat has meeting scheduled this week with accountant to get opinion, may meet with python/apache/mozilla people after that
  • Theme contest
    • No updates this week
    • beckett will send all his docs work to codex and/or volksport this week
    • volksport has picked up ownership of this; discussion/planning on -core
  • Migration to svn
    • prep work and docs updates went smoothly, gallery-contrib migrated
    • migration for gallery FAILED; awaiting up-to-date CVS tarball from so mindless can run our own migration and submit svn dump for import
    • test with older CVS tarball found 2 bad tags, mindless fixed in local copy and real CVS
    • CVS is now frozen/blocked, so hope to get svn going ASAP
  • Summer of Code
    • schultmc is point person this year, h0bbel helping out where he can
    • collecting mentors and project ideas
    • gallery blurb on updated, should publish ideas page later today

Other Notes