Meeting Notes: Aug 23 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Aug 23 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • Its done... well done to all the students
  • camilojd - Just needs to publish the final code.
  • Uday - Committed my complete code to gallery-contrib and got feedback from jablko on initial submission.. so waiting for final review.
  • AdamPflug - Fixing bugs and writing unit tests.
  • briankircho - SQLite is finalized with all the major bugs worked out..
  • Schultmc will file the final report for camilojd with input from the other mentors.
  • Schultmc will ping jablko regarding status with uday.
  • All mentors need to submit their final surveys by Friday August 31.

Gallery 2.2.3

  • valiant is dealing with webdav permissions issue. It should be release anywhere the it has been already pushed. Looks like a 2.2.3 release.
  • valiant will get svn ready and mindless will do the release

Gallery 2.3

  • mindless working on bug fixes
  • talmdal's estimates he's about 2 weeks away from having a first review of the notification module.
  • virshu has started looking into quota+sizelimit
  • jozefs will get langman into review ASAP
  • At this point no estimated launch date.
  • Should schedule a security review once RC-1 is finalized.

Gallery 1

  • ckdake has just received the preliminary version of G1.6 security report.
  • 1.5.7 was released.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • Integration forums
    • Pretty much done. All that is left is announcing it on GMC.
  • Received a letter from a lawyer asking a post in the forums be removed. Bharat has unpublished the conversation.

GalleryCon 2007

  • Date fixed at September 22-23/2007.
  • People should start booking tickets to keep costs down.
  • We'll be staying at the Orchard Garden Hotel.
  • Volksport is finalizing details.


  • Drupal now has a very nifty web translation thing from their SoC. ckdake is going to try and get it up and running this weekend to see if it will work for us.


  • Lots of activity on the Codex from integrators.

Action Items

  • All mentors need to submit their final surveys by noon PDT Friday August 31.
  • Valiant to assess if there are other severe fixes that should be included in a R2.2.3
  • Valiant to write an announcement describing the centralizing of all the integration forums within GMC.