Meeting Notes: Aug 30 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Aug 30 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • All student surveys completed.
  • Any outstanding program evaluations need to be submitted by Friday August 31st.
  • schultmc to ping volksport and zimzat about program evaluations, they're the only unknowns.
  • schultmc completed final report for campilojd.
  • Brian: Will continue status updates till SQLite issues are resolved. Work has been committed to trunk.
  • camilojd: Will keep working to get code into trunk.
  • Adam: submitted code, but still some loose ends with unit tests. Promised to make changes, after SoC if necessary.

Gallery 2.2.3

  • 2.2.3 released last night, thanks mindless!
  • Bharat now in touch with the two security reporters, so they'll get their bounty.

Gallery 2.3

Gallery 1

  • ckdake has received preliminary security report. When the final one is in, will bounce it to -core.
  • Jens has it and is working on fixing some things.
  • Some issues apply to 1.5.x and 1.6
  • Once it's all done we'll likely make a new 1.5 release as a security fix.
  • 1.6 will happen when it happens.
  • Auditors seem to be very good, report is well put together and useful.
  • No major problems found, but interesting and diverse issues.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • valiant pinged Kieran about importing the forum posts, no reply yet. All that is left is announcing it on GMC.

GalleryCon 2007

  • Date fixed at September 22-23/2007.
  • Bharat needs receipts from folks. Sooner he gets receipts, sooner they get paid.
  • Would be nice to know the amounts. Email to Bharat or put in the wiki.
  • Bharat has talmdal and josefs' receipts.
  • People should start booking tickets to keep costs down.
  • We'll be staying at the Orchard Garden Hotel.
  • Volksport is finalizing details.


  • Web translation interface built for Drupal.
  • Talks to Drupal's site to get list of projects. If someone modifies it to talk to DP, we could have a winner.
  • ckdake to assess feasibility when there's time.


  • Big reorganization by mindless this weekend, sure was needed, thanks mindless!
  • Increasing requests for manual / book recently.

Action Items

  • Valiant to write an announcement describing the centralizing of all the integration forums within GMC. Will wait two weeks. If old forum posts haven't been imported by then, will announce the current status.
  • jozefs will make a diff to current SVN and send to valiant tonight.

Completed Action Items

  • All mentors need to submit their final surveys by noon PDT Friday August 31.
  • Valiant to assess if there are other severe fixes that should be included in a R2.2.3