Meeting Notes: Aug 9 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Aug 9 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • Only 10 days left.
  • camilojd - Is working on unit tests and bug fixes. Has received feedback on the major points.
    • Still need some to take over as mentor. At this point no one has stepped up to the plate. The backup mentors will share the load to get the review done.
  • AdamPflug - From his status report, Cleaning up the code, going through and fixing style issues, resolving @todos, etc; Worked on unit tests; Fixed some bugs.
  • briankircho - has had several reviews and overall it looks pretty good. Will cleanup the code in the AdoDB PDO_SQLite driver this week.
  • Uday has committed part of his code and is working on units.

Gallery 2.3

  • Spam protection: Is completed
  • Input Validation Framework is now delayed until G2.4
  • important in the ought to haves:
    • give modules more template hooks,
    • notification module
    • get rid of the g2_statusId and g2_navId from urls,
    • better captcha
  • Talmdal will check with zimzat for status on notification module. Otherwise, talmdal will start the template hooks.
  • Still waiting until Jozefs is back (Language Manager) to know how near/far we are from feature freeze
  • Virshu will do 'get rid of the g2_statusId and g2_navId'
  • Valiant to document missing steps in ALCs so someone else can pick it up
  • Virshu pursuing Jablko on Ajax Item Admin for status and possible help because Jablko is still working on webdav too

Gallery 1

  • 1.5.7 Almost ready to go. Its packaged, but some of the feedback mentioned some problems.
  • Security review is underway, no major issues found yet..

Changes to GMC Forums

  • Some things done to cut down on spam and they seem to have helped
  • The spam module doesn't get rid of nodes, just comments.
  • Integration forums
    • Waiting for ozgreg to direct WPG2 people and list of WPG2 forum modulators

GalleryCon 2007

  • Date (still) fixed at September 22-23/2007.
  • People should start booking tickets to keep costs down.
  • Volksport and he's looking into hotels
  • Bharat and Ckdake will continue to pester Volksport


  • Still waiting to see the actual results / docs from Jeff Ward. He is still working on it.
  • Still no word from Katrin. Ckdake sent an email but has had no response.

Action Items

  • 1.5.7 will be tested by everyone and ckdake will release it. Hopefully before next week.

Completed Action Items

  • Bounty program announcement has been published