Meeting Notes: Dec 22 2005 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Dec 22 2005

From Gallery Codex

  • mindless: finished language updates, last planned task for branch, now reviewing valiant's urlgen changes. hope to integrate SoC hidden module and start tackling a few bugs before 2.1
  • bharat: ~60% done with entity refactor, hopes to be done mid next week; next may look at optimizing ACLs
  • valiant: urlgen/embed changes awaiting review; only task remaining for branch is updating rewrite module for these urlgen changes, after rewrite 1.1 is ready. Also working on storing sessions in db, but not for branch.
  • pelle: rewrite 1.1 to be committed tonight
  • thumb: installer usability report items are at the top of the list, then i'll look at floating matrix and gmc stuff (ads, sidebar blocks). will send matrix->floatingmatrix diffs to -core for review; we'll decide how to integrate floatingmatrix (whether to replace current matrix) very early in january.

bharat suggested two more possible branch refactors:

  1. fix the event handling code to only load the code that we absolutely need
  2. change getItemLinks to be data driven and registered in the db so that we don't have to load all's to render a page

mindless doesn't plan to take these up, so unless someone else steps up we'll save these for a future branch.


Unchanged from last time:

  • merge branch to HEAD in late dec/early jan
  • 2.1-RC mid-late jan
  • 2.1 early-mid feb