Meeting Notes: Dec 28 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Dec 28 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2

  • Some final unit test runs, then ready for RC-1
  • webdav/httpauth are in, valiant will add these to what's new in README.html
  • mindless will run unit tests today, then build packages for upgrade testing
  • Still several P8 issues to deal with before RC-2
  • valiant will add RC-2 blocker to figure out packaging / DP / plugins (help people choose a package, understand how to add/remove plugins)

Theme contest

  • flash banner ads ready; Joe7 didn't get any response yet from some sites (holidays?).. will submit/email again, and call in 2 days if no response
  • will discuss marketing/docs/etc more in -core


  • New downloads and developments now linked in site header
  • Some discussion of front page mission box and how it can be improved plus incorporate "evaluate gallery" and/or "demo sites" information/links; pending task for valiant, but anyone else welcome to pick it up
  • ckdake has not received emails back from college proposal for doc writers
    • will try again in December

G2 Usability

Gallery Foundation

  • No updates this week
  • schultmc talked to SPI, found our Google Ads revenue is not tax exempt (can't go through SPI); to determine if affiliate revenue is tax exempt they need to see the affiliate agreements. schultmc got some info from MikeK, expecting more soon.

GMC search

  • building of search index running again, small bits in off hours.. at 40%
  • bharat needs to contact drupal devs
  • bharat owns this


  • Gallery now a project on launchpad: but translations(rosetta) not setup yet.
  • ckdake uploaded a set of pot files, awaiting approval
  • G2-Polish is at 100%!

Gallery 1

  • No updates this week
  • h0bbel / ckdake get nervous on new G1 releases due to insufficient testing
  • If releasing a new version of G1 requires us to put more resources in the G1 section of the forums, then this is a bad thing for the project.
  • Quality control has been lacking in recent releases
  • We agree that G1.5.x releases need more testing and that G1.6 should be blocked until it has received sufficient testing
  • A G1.5 testing plan shouldn't be that hard: A matrix of major features + changes from the changelog vs. browser/server env. Exhaustive tesring is not necessary, just major features + changes since the last release.
  • G1.6 testing needs much more work. More environments and a more detailed feature list should span the matrix.


  • horde contacted us about possible joint maintenance of exifixer, since it is no longer maintained. valiant to talk to horde devs to put exifixer into an external repository (e.g. pear) (and 1 or more g2 and 1 or more horde devs will be project owners or something like that)

Action Items

  • mindless to build packages for upgrade tests, bharat to do RC-1 release
  • jablko/valiant to work on webdav blockers
  • birdman to work on DB2 REORG/RUNSTATS upgrade