Meeting Notes: Feb 01 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Feb 01 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2

  • Security audit in progress; expecting results this weekend, didn't get expected preliminary report last weekend.
  • bharat: fixed DP bugs, working on applets
  • WebDAV / HTTPauth: progress, but slow
  • Feedback from microsoft about IIS/fastcgi/phpcgi, valiant/h0bbel still working with microsoft, valiant updated known issues
  • Now also asking microsoft about webdav
  • valiant also asking in various places for input on mysql/utf-8 upgrade bug (difficult to detect/handle this problem, 2-3 different cases)


  • No updates this week, still waiting on rosetta request for translation group


  • No updates this week
  • ckdake: no emails back from anyone yet... im gonna try bugging some people in person once the semester starts back up

G2 Usability

  • ~400 responses to Katrin's new survey, will close it on the 11th

Theme contest

  • deviantArt ad in place
  • Improvements in Docs / Guidance / Support
    • valiant to work with thumb on Gallery2:Themes:Reference if there's time (a lot of code snippets, examples, ..)
      • thumb got new docs, valiant didn't have time yet to contribute as well.
  • 5,987 clicks from google ads (out of 13,563,220 impressions)
  • 17.6k page views for the landing page now

Gallery Foundation

  • no updates this week
  • may need to form for-profit corporation to lower tax liability on ads/affiliate income, SPI may be able to help with this
  • schultmc now Deputy Treasurer of SPI
  • still need to work on routing donation income directly to SPI
    • SPI a little less busy now, schultmc will work on for-profit corp soon


  • mindless has revisited trip_search module
    • New version with support for searching comments now ready
    • mindless will look into some customizations for GMC
  • mindless will also look into optimizing queries for main forum page, and turning on drupal page caching
  • core search module:
    • rebuilding search index of GMC continued to cause perf problems, turned it off
    • bharat needs to contact drupal devs
    • bharat owns this

Gallery 1

  • Not much feedback for G1.6 yet.
  • Will announce a "week of G1.6" after G2.2 RC-2 where everyone will mainly test-drive G1.6 instead of doing G2 stuff.

Action Items

  • jablko/valiant to continue work on webdav/httpauth based blockers for RC-2
  • bharat to work on DP and applet blockers