Meeting Notes: Feb 02 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Feb 02 2006

From Gallery Codex

Review open tasks

  • OpenUsability -- still need to provide feedback to and post an announcement on GMC [thumb]
  • Floatingmatrix -- ckdake reports thumb still has some changes to make.. is this ready for 2.1? [thumb/ckdake]

2.1 Plan

  • RC-1 blockers:
    • rss (get it cvs-ready and included, or decide it won't make 2.1) [paour/grund/bharat]
    • matrix (make any final changes for floating matrix) [thumb/ckdake]
    • locking bug [jozefs/mindless]
  • We'll likely slip the RC-1 date of 3-Feb a bit, to allow some time to wrap up the above blockers. We need to decide how long we can slip without affecting the schedule for security audit and RC-2.
  • Targets: RC-2 around 20-Feb, 2.1 around 1-Mar


  • Codex research (survey/card sorting) data is collected.. awaiting analysis.
  • Jozefs is nearly done with release-locks bug, so that should make RC-1