Meeting Notes: Feb 23 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Feb 23 2006

From Gallery Codex

2.1 Status

  • Down to three RC-2 (non-security) blockers
  • Security audit complete, also got another report via security alias
  • Decided there is enough to warrant a 2.0.3 release; shifting schedule accordingly
  • bharat to be the driver for security fixes; valiant has already done some analysis of reports and prepared some fixes for review
  • Targets: 2.0.3 on 28-Feb, 2.1-RC-2 7-Mar, 2.1 around 17-Mar


  • Codex research (survey/card sorting) data is collected.. got preliminary analysis, awaiting more
  • h0bbel plans some codex work before 2.1 release; Podz helping out with docs/screenshots for installer
  • bharat will review valiant's preinstaller
  • we need more testing for 2.1, particularly upgrade tests