Meeting Notes: Jan 04 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jan 04 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2

  • G2.2 RC-1 has been released!
  • Bharat tried to contact Gulftech for security audit, no response yet!
  • There are a lot of RC-2 blockers
    • jablko/valiant will focus on webdav/httpauth related tasks
    • Bharat will focus on DP tasks
    • We need the help of everyone to get those tasks done, there is a lot to do!
  • Bharat created a DB2/G2 appliance, yay! Finally we can all run DB2 tests and fix DB2 bugs!
    • We need appliances for MSSQL and Oracle as well. Need to check license to see whether we can distribute such appliances.
  • Need IIS 6 / 7 / MSSQL appliances for testing, else we need to release G2.2 with new known issues about IIS (webdav and php-cgi)


  • ckdake: no emails back from anyone yet... im gonna try bugging some people in person once the semester starts back up

G2 Usability

  • No updates this week
  • Need to launch the usability survey. ckdake to talk to katrin.

Gallery Foundation

  • No updates this week
  • schultmc talked to SPI, found our Google Ads revenue is not tax exempt (can't go through SPI); to determine if affiliate revenue is tax exempt they need to see the affiliate agreements. schultmc got some info from MikeK, expecting more soon.
  • in progress

GMC search

  • no changes this week
    • still slowly rebuilding search index of GMC
    • bharat needs to contact drupal devs
    • bharat owns this


  • ckdake uploaded a set of pot files to launchpad, still awaiting approval

Theme contest

  • ads / banners / raising awareness:
    • flash banner ads ready
    • joe7: todo: get accurate rates from gfxartists, continue negotiation with deviantart
    • joe7: todo: ask others if we can get _the banner_ into the header/sticky on gmc (30k+ unique/day)
    • joe7: it just takes too long for gfxartist to reply with a single rate, called them, promised a reply, but still nothing
    • joe7: about deviantart: CPC rate is pretty high, I would prefer that, but $0.40/single click will be too much for us imo. I suggest using CPM ($4/1000 impression). we _should_ come out better with that, negotation in progress though, rate might slightly change
    • joe7 is making sure that they give us a FOSS deal, but there's not much they'd do.
    • joe7: what they could offer for opensource,etc is far nothing for us (small image display really rarely in some special pages only)
    • joe7: google adwords: I've made some test setup, we could advertise for 10-20cents/click on adwords/adsense for keywords like 'design'.
    • joe7: need to add the banner on GMC
    • floridave: raising awareness through his forum signature and it works.
  • Improvements in Docs / Guidance / Support
    • valiant to work with thumb on Gallery2:Themes:Reference if there's time (a lot of code snippets, examples, ..)
    • Joe7 to work on the landing page right after this meeting, and mail/message ckdake once done
  • Decision / Vote whether to extend the contest
    • valiant: the announced deadline is January 14th. Some people might work very hard to get it done by then and then they probably could feel pissed if we change the modalities just at the last day. it's already late, but we really should do something now or nothing IMO.
    • joe7: I agree, we need to announce extending the deadline in no more than 1-2days
    • +1 for extending: floridave, joe7, valiant (if we there's reason to believe that it should be more successful this time)
    • +/-0: ckdake
    • from the last meeting: mindless expressed his concerns, bharat would really like to see the contest to be contest and is willing to support it
Decision: The contest will be extended and there should be an announcement about it by Saturday.

Gallery 1

  • No updates this week

Action Items

  • jablko/valiant to continue work on webdav/httpauth based blockers for RC-2
  • ckdake to get in touch with katrin to see if we can launch the usability survey
  • joe7 to work on new theme contest landing page
  • joe7 to coordinate theme contest announcement and banner launches

Last week's action items

  • mindless to build packages for upgrade tests, bharat to do RC-1 release
    • Done, G2.2 RC-1 is out
  • jablko/valiant to work on webdav blockers
    • RC-1 blockers fixed, no progress on RC-2 blockers
  • birdman to work on DB2 REORG/RUNSTATS upgrade
    • valiant to ask birdman if this is still an issue