Meeting Notes: Jan 05 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jan 05 2006

From Gallery Codex

  • mindless: added core changes for session based permissions; done with branch changes, now working on hidden module.
  • valiant: urlgen/embed changes will be ready tonight. Also working on storing sessions in db, but not for branch.
  • bharat: entity refactor ready for review; may look at optimizing SQL and/or ACLs, rebalance helpers so _simple is quick
  • pelle: rewrite 1.1 committed
  • beckett: planning to get a theme contest going, starting with improving theme docs

Updates from those not present:

  • virshu: has committed progress-bar for recursive updates, now making fixes related to that commit.
  • thumb: just started on installer usability report items; haven't seen matrix->floatingmatrix diffs to -core yet.


  • merge branch to HEAD on 9-Jan
  • make sure API codex page is accurate/complete
  • email -devel to encourage translators to make updates for 2.1
  • Joe7 can work on _save change
  • concentrate on bugfixes as we approach release
  • 2.1-RC end of jan
  • security audit
  • 2.1 mid feb