Meeting Notes: Jan 12 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jan 12 2006

From Gallery Codex

  • mindless to take over _save change from Joe7, so we can do it very soon and sneak it in as part of Module API 3.0. working on password module; after that, bug fixes.
  • bharat to work on getting security audit process going, and see if it may affect our 2.1 schedule. will look at SQL optimizations and bug fixes.
  • valiant will commit 100+ lines fix, then work on db session. hopes to do filtered html for 2.1 too.
  • ckdake needs review of XMLRPC module; will look for some possible bugs to fix
  • h0bbel to ping valerie about codex reorg
  • beckett: started working on theme docs
  • jmullan will add ratings/votes in migrate module test data

Updates from those not present:

  • thumb: nearly done with installer/upgrader UI updates
  • volksport will make the image for 2.1 (blackjack)


  • make codename and validate logos appear for admins only (mindless)
  • concentrate on bugfixes as we approach release
  • 2.1-RC end of jan
  • security audit
  • 2.1 mid feb