Meeting Notes: Jan 24 2008 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jan 24 2008

From Gallery Codex


  • ckdake (running + notes)
  • bharat
  • Tim_j (left early)
  • valiant
  • mindless (lurking)
  • jmullan
  • talmdal
  • h0bbel (?)

Project Tasks

Gallery 1.x

  • Fixes continue to go in and on schedule
  • Prio 1+2 on 30.01.2008 : 1.5.8-RC1, 1.6-alpha4
  • All on: 28.02.2008: 1.5.8-RC2, 1.6-RC1
  • Still has not gotten any code reviews!
  • Narrowed reviewer list to Bharat, Jesse, Alan, Jay
  • valiant will do one review, jmullan is signed up
  • bharat is getting Pierre to fix the Java issue

Gallery 2.3

  • bharat has been slacking on language manager review
  • talmdal and valiant want to introduce aggregate language packs, 1 lang pack per DP repository (instead of 80 HTTP requests)
  • bharat still messing around with slideshow
  • mindless doesn't have much time in the foreseeable future (checks for translations once in a while, occasional reviews)
  • we need a crayon interface to Ccollab so brian can help


  • bharat will be out of town and miss next weeks meeting (and be mostly unavailable until the meeting the following week)
  • gallery-redistributors invites out
  • t-shirts ordered
  • ckdake will be speaking at PMA/DIMA next week about Gallery
  • everyone has their MSDN licenses -> need to get the G2 test matrix back up to date and get our VMWare images right so that we can do unit test runs

Action Items For Next Week

  • ckdake
    • harrass people to do G1 reviews (mindless, jmullan)
    • work with h0bbel to get test matrix and VMware images up to date.
  • valiant
    • one of the G1 reviews
    • cleanup work on the imageblock module
  • Pauor
    • fix java issue in G1
  • jmullan
    • do a G1 review or few
  • virshu
    • work on G2 bugs
  • tim_j
    • make sure all new reviews are "restricted"