Meeting Notes: Jul 06 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jul 06 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • all mentors reviews are in
  • all students passed
  • jablko awaiting review from bharat for Ajax code, bharat suggests that he consider alterntaive approaches in case the Smarty patches get rejected.

Gallery 2.2

  • First round of DP code is in. Rough around the edges, still
  • birdman: MSSQL is basically done -- tests pass except testInjectSqlWithNulls
  • jablko: remailed auth patch and rewrite module patch, httpauth module ready for review
  • Zimzat: updated the getMapEntry code to allow optional LIMIT and ORDER BY clauses. Virshu to review and commit it.


  • Zimzat: h0bbel has been doing some work with the Codex to help organize it. The new organization is currently under discussion in the -docs mailing list.
  • h0bbel plans on doing major docs work during next week

G2 Usability

  • katrin: collected items for card sorting, began writing explanations for card sorting, revision and little changes in survey
  • jablko got feedback from katrin on AJAX UI

Gallery Foundation

  • No update this week

Theme contest

  • volksport: created the theme contest news story with rules, information, links, prizes, etc.


  • volksport: still dealing with various people going/not going
  • volksport: will try to move forward with dinner plan this weekend