Meeting Notes: Jul 26 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jul 26 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • camilojd, uday_g, briankircho are here
  • August 20 is final evaluation date
  • Uday: implemented "Gaussian,Charcoal,SepiaTone,RadialBlur,Trim" operations,
    • todo: no code reviews yet but should start soon, waiting on feedback from JackBates
  • Brian: ran some benchmarks SQLite is ~40% slower than MySQL (with apachebench), more bugs fixed, a few unittests to go. transactions would be useful, but serious locking issues (code reviews by Mindless and Talmdal)
    • todo: publish benchmark results/methodology to -devel for feedback
  • Camilo: keep adding features, working on browser compatability
    • todo: after search modifications is working, 1.5 weeks working only in metadata, rest of time polishing code.
  • Adam: finished coding, started on unit tests (several passes at code review on pre-test code already, virshu much less worried than a week ago)
  • Work only counts if it's tested and polished so don't spend too much time on things before tests and making it clean. Students have been burned in the past by underestimating a) how much time it takes to write good tests and b) the number of bugs that writing tests uncovered and how much time it took to fix them
  • If anyone is having trouble contacting their mentor, contact Schultmc and he'll help out

Gallery 2.3

  • Spam protection: Akismet / publish / unpublish features. Bharat didn't finish last week due to leaving town, resuming this week. Unsure about this month but just needs to finish unit tests.
  • Valiant posted a new 2.3 roadmap, looks good but still lots to do
  • Waiting until Jozefs is back (Language Manager) to know how near/far we are from feature freeze
  • No word from Jablko on Ajax Item Admin, Virshu to follow up with him for status and possible help with ajax/itemadmin because Jablko is still working on webdav too
  • Reasses Valiant's work on ACLs next week

Gallery 1

  • Down to 2 companies, Ckdake working on negotiating price down.

Changes to GMC Forums (Integrations)

  • Valiant got list of forums from Kieran, will create tonight or tomorrow
  • Next step is planning/testing imports, hopefully Kieran can do most of this
  • Discussion about wiki docs for integrations on codex is over, Agreed on creating wiki namespaces

GalleryCon 2007

  • Date (still) fixed at September 22-23/2007.
  • People should start booking tickets to keep costs down.
  • Volksport sent out the email
  • Bharat got budget to Volksport and he's looking into hotels
  • Talmdal booked flight, Virshu filled gas tank, Joe7 can't make it this year
  • Bharat and Ckdake will continue to pester Volksport


  • Waiting to see the actual results / docs from Jeff Ward.
  • No word from Katrin.

Action Items

Closed action items

  • valiant to create a blocker list for G2.3
  • volksport should send out an email with the date/location/very coarse schedule; then people can book flights (e.g. knowing that most people will arrive on Friday? or Saturday?)
  • Need Kieran to provide a full list of forums that need to be created.