Meeting Notes: Jun 07 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jun 07 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2.2

  • No blockers left, needs to be packaged to do some upgrade testing.
  • Could be released in 7 days given that it is tested thoroughly in the next few days.
  • Translators getting a couple more days to update their translations.

Summer of Code

  • Adam Pflug (Full Text Indexes for Gallery2 Search) is MIA. He could be replaced by another student, but Schultmc will try to get him on the phone first.
  • Uday has demonstrated an impressive list of web based image manipulation features. The UI needs some work, he may need to switch to YUI, it would be nice if it's easy to extend (easy to add more effects / features).
  • Brian is busy working on SQLite.
  • Camilojd will be publishing some of his work by Monday. Base interface showed up to be a little more complex than he thought, so he is working on exifier support right now.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • Kieran received some feedback, and the next step is to get the codex namespace / article path naming convention discussed and he has to test the phpbb -> drupal forum import.

Gallery 2.3

  • Talmdal working on import/export task, final issues should be resolved in the next day or so.
  • No update from Signe on akismet module, Bharat will email him and get what he has and work on it.
  • WebDAV should now work in trunk.
  • Bharat is working on an agreement with SnapGalaxy, the code is now almost complete.

Gallery 1

  • Security audit. No response from Gulftech, Bharat has contacted another security consultant.
  • Week of G1 1.6
    • Will be next week June 11th to June 17th.
    • We will ask people to test from svn or grab a nightly. Install it, play with it.
    • Send feedback via the forums (G1 -> Suggestions and Feedback).
    • tim_j to write an announcement for GMC and a mail for -core/-devel.
    • Devs could also give some feedback about the code, if there's time.

Action Items

  • Ckdake / tim_j will post an announcement for G1 Week on GMC, -devel and -core.
  • Review Gallery2:Usability_Issues:Permissions#Wireframes and send feedback to katrin on gallery-devel
  • Schultmc will try to get ahold of Adam Pflug via phone. If he's unreachable, schultmc will talk to the SoC people at Google to see if Adam can be replaced with another student.

Closed action items

  • Mindless will svn diff 2.2 branch to 2.2-experimental and add to ccollab
  • Bharat will ping Kieran for an update regarding the G2 Forums.
  • Bharat will ping Jens about the week-of-G1.
  • We need to all record our date preferences on the GalleryCon2007 page.
  • Bharat will line a Gallery 1.6 security review.