Meeting Notes: Jun 08 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jun 08 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

  • Gallery 2.2
    • work in progress, no major updates
    • bharat is going to kick off the 2.2 security audit
    • bharat feels that we're behind schedule, will send an email to -devel soliciting progress reports
    • xmlrpc is not going to happen unless ckdake gets help
  • Summer of Code
    • joe7, vargus busy with exams
    • zimzat has not made much progress
    • jablko has made good progress
    • midterms on 6/26!
  • Docs
    • h0bbel sent an email to -core, didn't get a reply
    • xlerb added wink docs
    • consensus: h0bbel should run with the ball
      • reorg codex with valerie's input and zimzat's advice
      • run a docs contest with prizes (bharat will provide budget)
  • G2 Usability
    • Katrin delivered usability report.
  • Gallery Foundation
    • No updates this week
  • Theme contest
    • No updates this week
    • volksport waiting on beckett for docs
    • decision: volksport will run the competition without the docs, will come up with plan and budget
  • Drupal 4.7
    • mindless has made a lot of progress
    • status at GMC:Drupal_4.7 (deleted)
    • a couple big items (comment attachments, search) remain, but overall in good shape

Other Notes

  • mindless checked mediawiki for out of date files, looked ok.
  • Discussion of proper namespacing for the codex (zimzat/h0bbel)