Meeting Notes: Jun 14 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jun 14 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2.2

  • Testing revealed problems, most have been fixed.
  • One blocker left (issue with the ability to use DB backup on 2.2.2 -> 2.3 upgrade).
  • Could be ready tomorrow, will need another round of testing.
  • Tentatively, it could be released in 4 days.

Summer of Code

  • Uday (WebBased Image Manipulation)
    • 80% done changing UI design from Rico to YUI.
    • Encountered some YUI issues, Virshu will help.
  • Adam (Full Text Indexes for Gallery2 Search)
    • Working on design and setup stuff, familiarizing himself with Gallery.
    • Completed his bugfix.
    • Will begin coding next week.
  • Camilo (Media Metadata Extraction/Manipulation)
    • Refactored ExifHelper to delegate all calls to exifer.
    • Now rewriting broken tests.
  • Brian (Gallery 2 SQLite backend)
    • SQLiteStorage class working, passes unit tests.
    • Working on installation/upgrade and SQL generator.
    • Will put up code for review next week.

Changes to GMC Forums

  • No word from Kieran.
  • Forum templates need to be updated to enable the change.

Gallery 2.3

  • Most devs have been busy fixing current bugs in trunk.
  • Bharat got Signe's akismet module code, he'll finish it up.
  • SnapGalaxy
    • Code is ready for commit.
    • Bharat has signed an agreement with them.

Gallery 1

  • Jens wrote an initial news article for the Week of G1.
  • Week of G1 delayed by a about week.
  • No response from code auditor.


  • Admin interface has changed quite a bit, some of Katrin's findings may need to be revised.


  • Russian guy bailed out.

GalleryCon 2007

  • Volksport seems to be running the show.
  • Location: SF

PHP 5.2 Revolution

  • Cons
    • Lots of resources invested in building up a large PHP4 user base. We risk losing it.
  • Pros
    • A ton of code can be ditched if we switch to exceptions.
    • Lots of other benefits.
  • Gallery will join the coalition if Drupal and Joomla are on board.
  • Bharat will suggest a "two phase commit".
  • Details to be discussed.

Action Items

Closed action items

  • Schultmc will try to get ahold of Adam Pflug via phone. If he's unreachable, schultmc will talk to the SoC people at Google to see if Adam can be replaced with another student.