Meeting Notes: Jun 15 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jun 15 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

  • Gallery 2.2
    • 2.2 security audit in progress (they are starting by auditing the "typical" package)
    • bharat making progress on downloadable plugins
    • valiant started working on album navigation usability; code review on Friday
    • definitely a little bit behind schedule
    • dmolavi is this ---><--- close to finishing ecard
    • jablko: webdav needs polish, but is ready for review
    • signe fixed imageblock maxSize
    • joe7 will have image autorotation ready for review in a week
    • xmlrpc is not going to happen unless ckdake gets help
    • birdman: mssql is in progress-- working on a permission issue
  • Summer of Code
    • no update from vargus
    • joe7 in exams until the 28th
    • no update from zimzat
    • jablko has an ajaxified item rotate patch ready to commit; bharat thinks that maybe we should wait until 2.3 for it -- it's a little odd to have just that part of the admin ui ajaxified. perhaps a branch is the way to go.
    • midterms on 6/26!
  • Docs
    • no updates
  • G2 Usability
    • katrin joins core team (yay)
    • katrin gone until the 26th
    • katrin working on a user survey
  • Gallery Foundation
    • No updates this week
  • Theme contest
    • volksport hasn't touched it in a month, but hopes to this weekend
  • Drupal 4.7
    • ready for beta testing (email went out)
      • valiant tested admin section, forums, German forums, attachements, sfvote
      • birdman tested forums
    • status at GMC:Drupal_4.7 (deleted)
  • Vegas
    • Plan your trip and discuss plans
    • bharat asked volksport to plan a dinner/show for everybody