Meeting Notes: Jun 21 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Jun 21 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2.2

  • Released, yay!

Gallery 2.3

  • SnapGalaxy in trunk.
  • Talmdal working on input validation task, should have a design document ready by early next week.
  • Language manager progress slowed down a bit, jozefs should have something for review soon.
  • Bharat working on comments/akismet module.
    • The comments module will be used as a test-bed for publish/unpublish GalleryComment entity methods implemented via permissions
    • The above concept can later be refactored into core.
    • We can have publishing queues, but use permissions to control visibility when you're in a queue.

Summer of Code

  • Uday (WebBased Image Manipulation)
    • No luck solving the YUI problem.
    • Main priority is integrating image manipulations.
  • Adam (Full Text Indexes for Gallery2 Search)
    • Has a module installing and correctly setting up the required database tables.
    • Needs to find/create a large example data set to test performance.
  • Camilo (Media Metadata Extraction/Manipulation)
    • Making steady progress on exiftool read-only support.
    • Researched GallerySearch interfacing.
    • Plans to polish both backends' r/o support before starting serious work on search implementation.
    • Needs to test more cases with Unicode data.
  • Brian (Gallery 2 SQLite backend)
    • Encountered some errors, but making progress.
    • Should have something for review soon.

Changes to GMC Forums (Integrations)

  • Kieran is going on vacation for 2 weeks.
  • We should prepare the forums for now and import the 3rd party forums at a later time.
  • We'll host the integration pages at e.g. Gallery2:Integration:Drupal.

Gallery 1

  • 1.6 looking good!
  • There are some nice things in G1 UI that we should reproduce in G2.
  • Bharat is in touch with 3-4 security companies for the code audit.


  • Still waiting for an update from Jeff Ward on docs, but he has been very active.

GalleryCon 2007

  • We need to go through the dates table again and unblock any dates where people are maybe's, so we know which dates people absolutely can't make it.

Action Items

  • Students and mentors to publish a schedule and milestones for each SoC project on the Codex.
  • Valiant to hack the GMC forum template to make nested forums possible.
  • Review Gallery2:Usability_Issues:Permissions#Wireframes and send feedback to katrin on gallery-devel.

Closed action items

  • Valiant to commit SnapGalaxy code.
  • Ckdake / tim_j to post an announcement for G1 Week on GMC, -devel and -core.