Meeting Notes: Mar 08 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Mar 08 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • Google publishes the list of accepted organizations and student applications begin on March 14, 2007
  • Initial ideas page has been published, but needs more ideas and should be prioritized
  • schultmc has already been contacted a potential student
  • GSoC organization application has been submitted.
  • schultmc & H0bbel will post an announcement about GSoC on GMC
  • SoC money will be routed through SPI

Gallery 2.2

  • bharat has become the critical path on R2.2 with DP Upgrade, Valiant will assist be doing the DP/mulitsite documentation
  • Other Blocker: Cumments thumbnail popup obstructs mouse clicks. Decision is not hold R2.2 for this
  • Gulftech update has been received
  • Decision was to create a DEV_2_3 for release 2.3 development
  • R2.2 final targetted for 2 weeks, given the current blocker list.
  • The unit tests show issues with mssql. Initial assesmment is that they are not to severe and will not hold up R2.2. There are issues with Microsoft and not having an environment to fully test.

Gallery Foundation

  • No updates at this time

Gallery 1

  • no updates this week
  • awaiting reply from Gulftech about security review


  • 7 languages are at 100%, nopes that some of the 70-80% will push ahead
  • Best translation coverage that has ever been accomplished. There are over 4200 strings to localize.
  • mindless asked that the team to avoid any text changes between now and 2.2 final.


  • ckdake emailing with a grad student who will help us, will cc -docs on it. Hopefully, he will have an update next week.

G2 Usability

  • will probably get a student to work on this

Gallery 1

  • no updates this week (but there has been a lot of development)
  • still waiting reply from Gulftech about security review.

Action Items

  • schultmc to put PCMag/InformationWeek scans in the GMC G2
  • h0bbel to post something about InformationWeek in the next "nice news" article
  • schultmc and h0bbel will post and announcement related to S0C for GMC.

Closed action items

  • Joe7 will contact the authors to determine mode of payment (Paypal or cheque)
    • Done
  • bharat will send the payments as determined by Joe7
    • Bharat is sending payments out this very moment
  • bharat will work on the image popup blocker
    • This is no longer assigned to bharat. A fix is not planned for g2.2.
  • valiant will close webdav/i18n chars task
    • Done. Has been fixed for g2.2, other i18n webdav stuff has been deprioritized.