Meeting Notes: Mar 15 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Mar 15 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Summer of Code

  • Gallery is officially participating in the 2007 SoC
  • Mentors and admins to fill out the mentor application
  • Students can file applications until March 24th
  • We have until the April 9th to rank the applications
  • We have 5 mentors and 3 admins, so we will plan for 5 and double up mentors if we don't get enough students. Mindless will take on a general-helper/mentor of mentors role.

G2 Usability

  • No updates on the survey / usability this week.
  • The survey results will be helpful in determining the g2.3 focus areas

Gallery 2.2

  • ckdake is finalizing the g2.2 release announcement
  • bharat has added the DP Upgrade path for review, which is the last patch pending for g2.2
  • The plan is build the final packages for release g2.2 tomorrow (March 16th)
  • Translators have until 9am PDT March 15th to submit final translation submissions

Gallery Foundation

  • No updates at this time

Gallery 1

  • no updates this week


  • 7 languages are at 100%, nopes that some of the 70-80% will push ahead
  • Best translation coverage that has ever been accomplished. There are over 4200 strings to localize.


  • No update. Hopefully, he will have an update next week.

Action Items

  • schultmc to put PCMag/InformationWeek scans in the GMC G2.
  • h0bbel to post something about InformationWeek in the next "nice news" article

Closed action items

  • schultmc and h0bbel will post and announcement related to S0C for GMC.
    • Done