Meeting Notes: Mar 16 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Mar 16 2006

From Gallery Codex

2.1 Status

  • 2.1 RC-2a is out
  • One postgres issue reported and fixed, just a few minor blockers left
  • discussed mysql "set names utf8" and upgrades; decided valiant will add a FAQ entry regarding this rather than some code change at this point
  • Still need more testing, particularly of upgrades
  • Target: 2.1 around 18-Mar

Project Tasks

  • Codex spam
    • bharat added very basic captcha support
    • mindless plans to add this for user registration too; then add "autopatrol" feature to help us patrol other edits
  • GMC block or "other resources" page for affiliate links
    • bharat will drive this task; discussed site placement a bit
  • Gallery Foundation
    • Email discussion continued a bit this week
    • Waiting on -core discussion to select board (probably 5-6 members)
    • schultmc has posted draft documents, will file when all is set and agreed upon
  • Theme contest
    • beckett has done some work on theme docs, but none in a while; he'll post what's he's got for feedback
    • volksport has picked up ownership of this; discussion/planning on -core
  • Migration to svn
    • Preparation for migration to begin after 2.1 release; actual migration timing needs to coordinate with G1 schedule
    • mindless will drive this if no one else steps up