Meeting Notes: Mar 22 2007 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Mar 22 2007

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

Gallery 2.2 / 2.2.1

  • Need to figure out what the DP strategy for 2.2 users in regards to experimental repository. For example: current experimental becomes 2.2-experimental, we add 2.3-experimental in current svn. Which will result in the end user seeing more repositories listed and multiple experimental repositories.
  • Already have 2 fixes and 1 is ready for testing.
  • jablko gave an update on the webdav mime issue.
  • Plan for 2.2.1
    • valiant will commit his current fix for 2.2.1
    • valiant will make up a session test matrix
    • bharat will run through the test matrix (need others to help!)
    • jablko will determine by tomorrow if the webdav fix can happen in the webdav module only
    • mindless will update the patch script
  • Release 2.2.1 targeted for Saturday 24-March
  • Potential plugins for the 2.2 Experimental Repository (Review at next meeting)
    • publishxp for vista
    • webcam file: urls
    • exif block ajaxified
    • randomhighlight pass-by-reference fix
    • jpegtran

Gallery 2.3 Roadmap

  • An extra meeting to discuss and prioritize the r2.3 roadmap needs to be scheduled. Probably needs 30 - 60 minutes.

Summer of Code

  • Student deadlines have been extended to Mar 26, 2007 5PM PDT
  • The application review deadline has been extended to Apr 11
  • A handful of applications have been received and a few duplicates
  • schultmc: sent out a call for applications and updated the ideas page.
  • Leasson learned: need to encourage applicants to come up with their own ideas.

G2 Usability

  • No updates on the survey / usability this week.

Gallery Foundation

  • No updates at this time

Gallery 1

  • no updates this week


  • ckdake is evaluating 'pootle' as an alternative to rosetta on launchpad


  • apidoc errors page is much shorter.

Action Items

  • schultmc to put PCMag/InformationWeek scans in the GMC G2.
  • h0bbel to post something about InformationWeek in the next "nice news" article.
  • mindless to move the nzdi theme from drupal-dev to GMC.
  • release 2.2.1 activities as outlined above.