Meeting Notes: Mar 23 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: Mar 23 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

  • Gallery 2.1
    • Ready for release, waiting for to clear bad CVS locks (just cleared during mtg)
  • G2 Preinstaller
    • valiant is resolving some permissions issues and adding warnings; plan to release in a few days
  • Codex spam
    • mindless ported drupal captcha-image-generator over to mediawiki and used this for captcha-on-edit and added captcha-on-register.
    • mindless plans to add "autopatrol" feature to help us patrol other edits
  • GMC block or "other resources" page for affiliate links
    • No updates this week
    • bharat will drive this task; discussed site placement a bit
  • Gallery Foundation
    • schultmc will post draft bylaws so we know responsibilities of board members before selecting the board
    • schultmc will contact virshu's NPO accounting expert friend with accounting questions
  • Theme contest
    • No updates this week
    • beckett has done some work on theme docs, but none in a while; he'll post what's he's got for feedback
    • volksport has picked up ownership of this; discussion/planning on -core
  • Migration to svn
    • Preparation for migration to begin after 2.1 release; actual migration timing needs to coordinate with G1 schedule
    • mindless will drive this if no one else steps up

Other Notes

  • Ideas for 2.2
	bharat	what things do we want to see go into 2.2?
	valiant	- downloadable plugins, language packs
	birdman	Perhaps the MS SQL support
	mindless	raise min php version
	bharat	my votes include: downloadable plugins, sql optimization, bulk watermarking, flickr style tags
	valiant	- a data integritity check (if things go wrong, identify the corruption)
	mindless	at least 2-3 of the top 10 requested features
	valiant	less features, better core product
	bharat	removable modules (ie, allow us to forcibly remove a module)
	valiant	usability improvement