Meeting Notes: May 11 2006 - Gallery Codex
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Meeting Notes: May 11 2006

From Gallery Codex

Project Tasks

  • Gallery 2.2
    • Roadmap published
    • bharat finished renderer stuff and force-deactivate plugins, ready to work on DP
    • mindless wrapping up flashvideo, multiroot, other small things before working on tags; will review/assist dmolavi with ecard/unit tests
    • Joe7's core changes for exif autorotate just about ready; unit tests after that
    • birdman continues on mssql; switching to ado_mssql adodb driver looks promising
    • some discussion of maybe moving GalleryAnimationItem out of core (make flash module instead of flashvideo)
  • Docs
    • No updates this week
    • Got analysis of survey/card sorting data from Valerie.. now we need to do something with it
  • G2 Usability
    • valiant plans to work on usability changes
    • Need to keep up with integrating these ideas
  • Gallery Foundation
    • bharat met with accountant and sent feedback to -core
    • some discussion about corporation/NPO
    • schultmc has posted draft bylaws: Gallery Software Foundation Bylaws (deleted)
  • Theme contest
    • beckett reports minor progress on docs this week; plans to have docs ready by next mtg
  • Drupal 4.7
    • No updates this week; low priority for now.

Other Notes

  • maybe move from prototype library to Yahoo yui for AJAX stuff.. more powerful, doesn't have problem with breaking arrays, BSD license